About Us

When Christie milked our first goat, “Daisy,” she was determined to find a unique use for goat milk. She concocted a recipe for caramel and started making it just for our family of seven. In June of 2014, we began selling her homemade goat milk caramels at our local farmer’s market in Alexander City, Alabama. They were a hit, and we quickly began selling to local stores. We have added goat milk soaps and essential oil sprays to expand our product lineBoth edible and non-edible products can be found all over the country now, but we still attend farmer’s markets and a variety of festivals around the South.

Our little business has grown fast, but our caramels are still made the old fashioned way: slow-cooked in a copper kettle and stirred with a wooden paddle. We also make an incredibly smooth, creamy caramel sauce called Cajeta. It is cooked for 2 hours to perfection.

Flavor selection continues to evolve as we strive to bring our customers new and deliciously sweet treats inspired by our farm. We hope you enjoy what our goats have to offer you!